SMITH - used to describe both someone who works in metal and the different techniques of working with metal.

With this in mind, SMITH was born out of the need to explore traditional jewellery manufacturing techniques and the drive to produce beautiful mini artworks that bring a little joy into the lives of others.

Each SMITH piece is hand crafted by Cape Town-based designer, Anna Raimondo. After completing her degree in BA fine Art (Jewellery and Metal Techniques) at Stellenbosch University, she went on to study a Master’s in Design at Richemont’s Creative Academy in Milan. SMITH was formed at the end of 2010.

By using precious stones, sterling silver, recycled brass and precious metals, Anna and her team create delicate, timeless pieces that draw inspiration from nature, her travels and an appreciation for well made modern heirlooms.

SMITH pieces range from unusual to elegant, always with a subtle, sophisticated edge. Each piece is designed to serve as a confirmation of each wearer’s unique personal style.

In addition to SMITH’s everyday collections, we also offer our clients the opportunity to design their own jewels with Anna; specialising in engagement and wedding rings, a redesign of an heirloom jewel or just something for a special occasion.